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Gum Powder
Gum powders are utilized as a stabilizing and thickening agent in food items, medicines and toothpastes. These are also found in dairy products, sauces, low calorie food, gravies etc. Gum powders find their usages in polishes, varnishes, cleaners and coatings. 

Natural Gums
Natural gums are formulated for acting as an emulsifier, stabilizer, dietary fibre, film forming agent etc. These are largely demanded due to their versatility, purity and longer shelf life. Natural gums are also used in medicines for relieving pain, healing wounds and more.

Refined Bleached Shellac
Refined bleached shellacs are used as sanding sealant, high gloss varnish, tannin-blocker, tough natural primer, and odour-blocker. These are also utilized as a nutrition enhancer and insulation in electrical applications. Refined bleached shellacs are wax free, highly pure, easy and safe to use.    

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