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Company History

In 1960, Shri. Kantilal P. Maniyar discovered that the properties of water-soluble plant gums can be used in several applications. In order to secure his supplies, he started importing premium quality Gum Acacia in 1968 from The Gum Arabic Co. Ltd., and eventually positioned this product for use in new confectionery, pharmacy, textile printing and paper finishing markets. These original uses of plant gums revolutionized these industries and saw the birth and successful rise of Kantilal Brothers.


To back-up its international growth, the company invested in a technical and commercial structure and under the leadership of Mr. S.K. Maniyar, established an advanced facility at Mulund in Mumbai. Today, Kantilal Brothers is a leading manufacturer, importer, exporter, trader and supplier of Gum Arabic Powder, Gum Acacia Powder, Gum Acacia Crystal, Gum Guar, Gum Acacia Spray Dried, etc.

Though our primary focus continues to be Gum Acacia, over the years we have diversified and today, we also deal in Shellac Powder, Bees Wax, Gum Copal, etc. Today, our company has an extensive network spreading across Sudan, Nigeria, Indonesia and China, from where we import our products. We are an export oriented company exporting extensively to UK, USA, Germany and Japan.


Kantilal Brothers is manufacturing, importing, trading, supplying and exporting Gum Acacia and allied products. Our range includes the following:

Bees Wax
Micro Wax
Vee Gum
Gum Copal
Tannic Acid
Xanthan Gum
Shellac Powder
Gum Rosin
Guar Gum I.P.'96
Hard Paraffin Wax
Gum Tragacanth
Guar Gum B.P.2008
Refined Bleached Shellac
Bleached Shellac Powder
Gum Acacia B.P.2008
Gum Ghatti or Gum Dhavda
Gum Arabic (Powder,Crystal) Gum Acacia (Crystal) I.P.'96
Gum Acacia Powder I.P.'96
Gum Karaya (Powder,Crystal)
Gum Acacia Spray Dried B.P.2008 Gum Acacia Powder (Pasting Quality) 
Carnauba Wax (Lumps and Powders), etc.

Product Application

As a food additive, Kantilal Brothers' gum acacia has been widely regarded safe for human consumption. In beverages, gum arabic aids the citrus and other oil-based flavors to remain evenly suspended in water. In confectionery, glazes and artificial whipped creams, gum arabic helps flavor oils and fats to remain uniformly distributed, clogs crystallization of sugar, condenses chewing gums and jellies, and gives soft candies a good feel.

In cough drops and lozenges, gum arabic has a soothing effect on irritated mucous membranes. Many dry-packaged products such as instant drinks, beverages, dessert mixes and soup bases, use it to boost the shelf life of flavors. In cosmetics too, it has a smoothing effect on creams, fixatives and lotions.

Quality Objectives

Kantilal Brothers' quality policy is guided by the following objectives:-

  • To supervise and enhance customer satisfaction
  • To update processes and technology on a regular basis
  • To preserve and promote the conservation of environment
  • To unceasingly record growth, as well as ensure worldwide exports.


To be at the forefront of any technological development and thus, control each stage from research to the final product, is a priority with Kantilal Brothers in its endeavor to continue as a world leader in gum acacia. It is our goal to remain the privileged partner of our clients and grow with them.

We have an advanced Research and Development facility, which in conjunction with renowned universities and research institutes, makes all efforts to improve the properties of the products and finds new applications for the same. Our manufacturing plant meets the stringent requirements of the FDA norms. The monthly production capacity of the unit is 40 metric tonnes.

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